Differentiating yourself in a competitive job market

Competitive times call for creative measures.

The job search has been an automated process for many years. Internet job board companies are continuing to advance their technology and have virtually eliminated the need for initial human scrutiny.

Before your resume even gets to the first level of the human resources review process, it has been auto-evaluated by key word filters to determine if it qualifies to be sent to the recruiter’s inbox.

Once it passes this test and finds its way there, it then goes through another selection process to be considered for the first round of interviews, which may be a phoner with the recruiter before a hiring manager even sees your resume. Keep in mind, you may be competing against internal candidates and employee referrals so it is quite an accomplishment to even get an initial screening.

So what else can you do while all this is at play?

Apply for the job using the instructions on the notice, but depending on the size of the organization, also consider taking a resume in person to the organization.

You don’t have to ask to see anyone, but just let the receptionist know that you have applied for the job, but you also wanted to drop the resume off in-person. You’ll be surprised at what may happen.

The receptionist may take the resume and personally hand deliver it to the hiring manager, with a mention of her first impression-making it stand out. The receptionist may ask you to wait and contact the hiring manager to see if he/she has a moment to meet you.

You never know. So look the part just in case!